The National Association for Hispanic Elderly [Asociación Nacional Pro Personas Mayores] was founded in 1975 to serve the needs of Hispanic elderly and other low income persons.  It is recognized as the pioneer and the leading organization in the field of Hispanic Aging.  It has become one of the broadest based Hispanic organizations in the nation. It is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation with both public and private funding. It has earned a national reputation for its work with the elderly and for its increasingly significant role in the larger Hispanic community.

The scope of the Association’s work includes employment programs, services for the elderly, economic development projects which include low-income housing and neighborhood development programs, research and data collection, training and technical assistance, development of model projects, and award winning media productions.  The Association has an extended network of over 500 public and private community service organizations throughout the nation.

The Association is proud of its achievements which are founded on commitment to excellence in its service, and integrity in its management of resources for Hispanic and low-income communities.