The Senior Environmental Employment Program (SEEP)
The Senior Environmental Employment Program (SEEP) was formally established in 1984 under the Environmental Programs Assistance Act (PL 98-313).  Funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it is intended to give older workers, who are 55 years +, an opportunity to remain active and to use their skills and past work experience, in helping EPA protect the Nation’s environment.

SEEP workers are placed in jobs ranging from clerical staff, laboratory assistants, librarians, research chemists, and other technical and non-technical personnel.  The National Association for Hispanic Elderly administers the SEEP in 9 States and the District of Columbia.  The SEE Program provides enrollees with an opportunity to continue their work-force participation and to assist a Federal Agency whose purpose is to protect the environment for all Americans.

NAHE Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program participants are provided the following benefits, adjusted for full-time or part-time positions: Vacation Leave, Holidays, Medical Insurance, and Sick Leave.