Training & Technical Assistance

In fields ranging from communications to marketing, the Association shares its expertise with public and private groups, and with other professionals in the field of aging. It provides training and technical assistance to clients of every size, from national corporations to small local agencies.

Service providers seek help in effective outreach efforts to the Hispanic elderly and in providing services in new and culturally acceptable ways. The Association also furnishes legislative analysis and testimony to policy makers at all levels.

Funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging, these projects were created to provide models that can be used by the Aging Network, CBOs, health and social service providers, in reaching and providing much needed health, financial planning and disaster preparedness for low-income multicultural populations.  The design and development of many of the Association’s model projects are based on the Association’s pioneering research on the needs and concerns of the Hispanic community.  These model projects can be used across the sprectrum of human services.    Examples of recent model projects are:


Medicare Part D Outreach Campaign
The main objectives of this outreach campaign are to increase the level of awareness of the Medicare Approved Drug Discount Card program among the elderly Hispanic community and to increase the enrollment of eligible low-income older Hispanics to transitional assistance programs and the Medicare Approved Drug Discount Card program.

Salud a la Vida! A Toast to life!
A Health Education Project with a unique approach to cardiovascular diseases in men and women – prostate cancer – diabetes and good nutrition.


Hispanic Life-Cycle Planning Project
Provides basic introduction/education to financial and retirement planning for midlife and older Hispanics.

Emergency Preparedness
How to prepare for earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters.